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P3 Management Services has a track record of providing professional and highly effective services across the the portfolio,
program(me) and project (P3) management domains.

Services provided by P3 Management Services include:


 Portfolio Management

   Develop and implement Portfolio Management
             policies, practices and procedures

   Develop and implement portfolio management tools

   Establish Portfolio Management Offices

   Portfolio Management Training, Mentoring and Diagnostics


 Program(me) Management

   Develop and implement Program(me) Management
              policies, practices and procedures

   Program(me) Management Training, Mentoring and Diagnostics

   Establish Program(me) Management Offices

    Manage large programmes or programs of work


 Project Management

   Develop and implement project management
               methodologies and frameworks

   Develop project management tools and templates

   Establish Project Management Offices

   Project Management Training, Mentoring and Diagnostics

    Manage strategic projects

Leadership Centre


P3 Management Service has a proud record of leadership in project, program(me) and portfolio management. In addition to P3 Management Services winning numerous Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) awards, P3 Management Services continues to contribute to the expansion of the portfolio, program(me) and project management disciplines.


Below are some examples of P3 Management Services' thought leadership in the P3 management domains.


All three domains (portfolio, program(me) and project)

  The Art of Communication - a balanced outcome

  Self-service Reporting

  Earned Value for IT Projects

  Risk Radial - a refined approach to risk prioritisation


Portfolio Management

  Portfolio Management - selecting the right projects

  Portfolio Risk Management


Program(me) Management

  Program(me) Risk Management


Project Management

  Project Risk Management in Program(me) and Portfolio Environments

  A temporal approach to issue prioritisation

  Integrating Benefits Realisation into Project Management
             - not just a before and after exercise


P3 Management Offices

  Mature Portfolio Management Offices - a key to success

  Resource Management - a solution for a complex problem

  Project Assurance - predicting project failure



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